Float Height - Carb Drip III

Sun Nov 24, 2013 11:47 am

Thanks to Randy, Bob, Don, Eugene, and "bythepond" for your help. I think I'm on the right track except for a remaining contradiction:

Using a plastic tube and a barb fitting, fuel level in the float bowl checked out just about right - around 9/16" - 5/8" below throttle body surface (top of gasket). I will confirm that when the tank goes back on. (I took it off to check the valve operation and run the compression test.) However, the float measures about 1 15/32" below the T.B. surface in raised position and about 1 19/32" in dropped position, i.e. about 1/8" drop (3/16" is called for).

1. It seems like the actual fuel level is more important than the float height. Does that seem correct?

2. How important is the float drop? Is the 1/8" I have OK or should I mess with the tab?

By the way, compression test checked out decent: 100, 115, 100, 110. I think they should all be within 10 psi but I hope that's close enough to not have to tear the engine down. I will recheck it periodically during running season.

Re: Float Height - Carb Drip III

Sun Nov 24, 2013 12:06 pm

Compression. Should be within 10% variance range. Your engine is close enough. Actually pretty decent. I wouldn't over haul the engine.

Carburetor. Correct on fuel level and float drop should be ok. The additional 1/16" float drop will only let a bit more fuel flow into the carburetor.

Re: Float Height - Carb Drip III

Mon Nov 25, 2013 1:17 pm

As Eugene said, fuel level is more important than float height. As for the float drop, once you have the tank back on, put a largeish container under the carb, remove the plug at the bottom of the carb bowl, then turn on the gas. As long as you get a good steady stream of fuel, the float has sufficient drop.