Sickle Mower Drag Bar Support - Long vs Short

Tue Nov 26, 2013 3:25 pm

The subject of long vs. short drop sickle mower drag bar supports (reference length of flat stock used in the part) has come up several times and it is conventional wisdom that the short drop drag bar support is for an L-22 (Loboy sickle mower). Two things puzzle me, however. First, I have owned four different L-22 mowers and all of them came with long drop drag bar supports. In talking to Boss Hog some time ago, he said IH dealers kept as few parts in inventory as possible and it is possible they only stocked one type of drag bar assembly, which may explain my experience. The second thing that puzzles me is that the part number for the drag bar support is identical for the Cub-22 and the L-22 (451382R94) from at least the beginning of 1951 for the Cub-22 per the 1-23-51 manual. The 11-3-47 Cub-22 manual shows a part number of 451382R92 for the support. The part number for the L-22/Cub-22 bar itself is different as is the assembly, which I assume has to do with the length of the round bar. I have one short drop drag bar support that came off an early Cub-22 and could be a pre-R94 part. I wonder how many people here purchased L-22’s that originally came with a short drop drag bar support vs. long. I also wonder why the part number is the same for the Cub-22 support if the L-22 was supposed come with a short drop support. --Lee