How many times have you thought a SA/100/140 over a Cub?

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Re: How many times have you thought a SA/100/140 over a Cub?

Postby gitractorman » Tue Jan 21, 2014 11:15 am

Here's an answer that's from a little different perspective. I've owned/rebuilt dozens of Cub Cadets, about 10 Farmall Cub/Lo Boys, and I've owned 2 Super A's. I think the Cub Cadet is a great lawn mowing machine and good for a snow blower or roto tiller for the correct size jobs (typical lawn/gardens and driveway clearing). A Farmall Cub is a great machine for a larger garden, longer driveway clearing (where you have lots of straight run and little turns or incline) and larger lawn mowing. The Super A/100/130/140 are farm tractors. They were never really meant for lawn mowing, and are much better suited at actual small farming, plowing lots of snow (really long driveway lanes, etc), grading soil/stone, plowing fields, etc. They are way too heavy for typical homeowner use, and were never intended for "homeowner" chores (yes, I know that people use them for everything, just like a Cub).

Another thing to keep in mind, and is something I found out the hard way, Cub Cadets and Farmall Cub tractors are small enough to fit in a typical shed/garage, and are light enought for one person to do just about any repair work to it without a hoist or some type of lift mechanism. A Super A/100/130/140 is just big enough that if it needs disassembly/splitting, or real repair, you pretty much need a shop with overhead hoists. The final drives, torque tube, engine block, front bolster, etc., on those tractors are just too big to manhandle around (and I'm young, 6'4", 240#, physically fit!). I've pushed cubs through lawns when they've died, run out of gas, etc., even pushed one up on a trailer once when I found it in a barn. Cub Cadets are a piece of cake, easy to manhandle and move around. If you've got a brokent down Super A, you'll need another machine to move it.

Having said all of this, if I had a small farm, I'd have a Super A /100/130/140 tractor. I think the size, weight, and use of standard 3-point implements and 540 rpm pto make it a MUCH more versatile machine than the Cub.

Also, I've got a Ford 9n out at my hunting camp, and I pretty much hate the thing. It's big, clumsy, and mostly just a pain in the a$$. It works good for going striaght, and that's about it. It's the heaviest darn thing I've ever seen, and will push a stick through the tire before you even know it. It runs great, and pulls great, but the 3-point hitch being married to the PTO is just STUPID!!!!! The engineer (if one really existed) that designed the stupid foot pegs and no platform for the operator must have been on crack! Same with the steering box being directly under the operator and having dual, 4'long control arms for the front steering mechanism. They get so much play in them you can steer from 9:00 to 3:00 and still be going straight. The thing is a death trap if I've ever seen one. I can't believe how popular they are compared to other machines that are available, and it will be the very first thing I sell off when I get a chance.

So, just some other thoughts for your consideration.

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Re: How many times have you thought a SA/100/140 over a Cub?

Postby rexxon » Wed Jan 22, 2014 7:34 am

I have had a few Cubs, now I have a 64 High and Wide and a 1959 140HC, the 64 Cub has been a love- hate relationship currently we are not speaking------ I hope to have a 1978 Long stripe soon. I found it 30 years ago at a John Deere dealer but could not afford it, so I called a friend I knew would be interested for his sister--but told him if it ever left their family I would like first refusal. He called me the other day and told me his sister was thinking on getting something else and get ready.

To be honest I had forgotten all about it. Now that's a GOOD friend.

Anyway I like the 140's better, but will always try and keep a CUB, the funniest thing I ever heard on here was someone told and OLDTIMER said the only advantage a CUB had over a working a mule was "you could RIDE :lol: a CUB and it would'nt FART in your face

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