Re: Decisions to make about the '50 Cub

Fri Dec 12, 2014 7:42 pm

Ironlegs: Although a lot depends on the Cub you start with, in general they are extremely reliable and rugged. In the scheme of things, a Cub will outshine anything you can buy today in most any regard.
In a few minutes I will go out and 'test fit' a set of tire chains. The 65 Lo Boy will start on the first try! Nothing at all special about it, some parts have been painted and it has a new clutch. The 'low rider' will mow, plow (snow and dirt) and York rake against any $12,000 'compact' tractor out there.
The best part is your son will still be using yours when he is your age!
As for 'restoring' a tractor, it's a labor of love and a great way to learn new skills. As for me, I am pretty well all set with painting them, they don't run any better when they are shiny. And it brings out the 'mushroom theory' in spades.