Has anyone ever tried these new old style headlights?

Sun Apr 27, 2014 8:12 pm

These are the style of lights that came on my 54 Fcub, but are non serviceable and I was never able to locate the old style seal beams. I was able to obtain some teardrop style headlights for my cub, but I kept the housings for the old flat ones.

Has anyone purchased any if these newer style of lights and what are you thoughts? I've been out of the know of things for a few years. I was really hoping by now someone would have invented some nice 6 volt LED bulbs, if there are, I have not found them yet.


Re: Has anyone ever tried these new old style headlights?

Mon Apr 28, 2014 2:13 pm

For my '55 Cub, I bought Steiner's rear light, and like it tremendously. For my boat I bought LEDs from SuperBright or Superbright LEDs. (Google them). Not sure that they have the correct base type, however, for the Steiner light fixture. My old, original front lights look just like what you are considering. Yet, after all these years, I've not changed out a light bulb. Might be that there's some sort of a base changeover that's available.

Re: Has anyone ever tried these new old style headlights?

Mon Apr 28, 2014 3:03 pm

TM Tractor used to sell those. I've been looking for them to show up somewhere again for YEARS!

I bought a set from TM for my Dad's W-400. They work and look just like the originals.

The difference is if the bulb burns out you can replace it with a cheap $2 bayonet style, not a $50 sealed beam.

Even better if you convert from 6V to 12V at some point, all you do is replace the bulbs for about $4, vs. $100 for 12V sealed beams.

The housings are identical to the originals in shape and size. You can transfer the guts from one of these to an original pancake housing for about the same money as a genuine replacement sealed beam bulb.

There isn't room inside for an adequate LED bulb. It would light up, but you wouldn't be able to see much.