Opinions on Flail mower for early cub

Sun Apr 27, 2014 9:01 pm

I'm considering trying to find a fail mower for use on one of my cubs. I've not seen much posted about this type mower, so I would like to hear opinions and comments, pro and con, also any ideas about cost, availability, new vs used, etc. Thanks. StaninlowerAL

Re: Opinions on Flail mower for early cub

Sun Apr 27, 2014 9:17 pm

Search this site. There has been quite a number of discussions on flail mowers and other types of mowers.

I picked up a Woods 42 mower about a month ago. Got it mounted today. Made a couple of test runs to see how it cuts. Cuts ok. What I like about the Woods is that it rises, elevates, about 3 or so inches higher than the Mott flail mower and the 3260 mounted on the 154.

I'm planning on using the Woods to mow a small portion of the acreage with quite a number of black walnut trees. But the ground is uneven with a lot of rocks. Idea is to mow, pickup the big rocks, and then level the area as much as possible.

The flail mower is a decent mower. Rolls over rocks. Decent cut. Have used one for 10 or more years. One thing I really like is that the belly mounted mott mower extends to the right of the tractor. Can get quite close to buildings, trees, etc..

Edit. The flail mower is a lawn mower not a brush hog. It will handle an occasional branch up to about 3/4".

Re: Opinions on Flail mower for early cub

Mon Apr 28, 2014 6:20 am

I have a Flail mower and like it...does a great job on flat terrain....hilly or bumpy..well...faster than push mowing for sure!!!! Kevin :lol: :lol: :lol:

Re: Opinions on Flail mower for early cub

Mon Apr 28, 2014 9:28 am

The flail mowers work well and I like mine. It probably isn't the best choice for your yard. I use mine to rough cut fence rows and pasture area during the summer and a fall knock down. As with any cub mower it works best with the cub horse power if everything (all bearings, belts, sharp blades...) are up to snuff. Also, make sure that you get all of the mounting brackets. Print out the manual and take it with you when buying. Many times some of the brackets remain on the tractor and are missing. A missing bracket may be hard to find. the PTO pulleys are no longer made so make sure that it has a good PTO pulley with it.


Re: Opinions on Flail mower for early cub

Mon Apr 28, 2014 10:03 am

There are several threads about this here on the forum. If you do a search you should find all your answers.

I have a Mott FH flail mower that I use to keep my fields knocked down about twice a year. If the grassy vegetation gets too high this mower will come up short. As long as you keep on top of it and keep the blades sharp you'd be surprised what they can do. I've also found that the flail mower does a good job on thicker weeds like milkweed and goldenrod in the fall. The thing I like about a flail mower is the way it really pulverizes what you are mowing...seems to allow the material to break down quicker.

Cons..I guess sharpening the blades is a bit of a time consuming pain, unless you have one of the fancy electric knife sharpeners (which I do).

Good luck.

Re: Opinions on Flail mower for early cub

Mon Apr 28, 2014 11:25 am

Just my opinion. If I had a Cub mounted rotary mower and perhaps a sickle bar mower, I wouldn't buy a flail mower. The rotary mower will do everything that the flail mower will do and the sickle bar mower will knock down much taller weeds and grass.

My flail mower is currently dismounted and stored for this mowing season. Next mowing season I will probably install the flail mower because of the deck off set - mowing closer to trees and buildings.