Mower/Implement Question

Sun May 04, 2014 12:30 pm

I have been looking at a lot of cubs. Pretty much all of them come with a mower as you know, but my questions lies within trading the mower.
I have been thinking a lot and just wonder if a woods mower could be traded for a disc harrow or cultivators for a cub?
Not really sure on the value of all of it but figured I would ask.
Also what are the cost of front wheel weights if a cub does not have them?

Re: Mower/Implement Question

Sun May 04, 2014 1:03 pm

Stating the obvious; Trading would depend on finding someone with a disc or cultivators that wants a mower. Value wise I paid $350 for a set of cultivators and $250 for a 23A disc which I think is about average with all the usual condition, location, complete, etc. statements. In my opinion that's about right to a little high for the average Woods mower. I would think selling and buying would be easier than trading due to the first statement.

Front weights are easy. For the real IHC weights they go for $125 a pair all day long. You might get lucky and find them cheaper but not often. If you are just looking for weight and don't care about originality other garden tractor weights will fit and can be a lot cheaper.

Re: Mower/Implement Question

Mon May 05, 2014 6:45 am

Scrivet is on target. It would be quicker to sell a mower deck outright, then buy what implement you needed than to try to find someone to make the right trade.

I sold a newer model Woods 42 mower deck in very good condition for $275 to someone on this forum and was told by many I asked too low. I just wanted to get it sold and not sit on it. It probably could have been sold for $300-$325. An older model in average condition might be in the neighborhood of $250. Depends on a lot of variables.