My p.t.o. woes

Mon Jun 09, 2014 7:44 pm

Hello All,
I was working on my 47 loader cub. well last fall at a show the pto quit :( . Well I had replaced all the seals in the whole thing and wouldn't ya know it, I put the front tyranny seal retainer on backwards :oops: :oops: . NUTS , first time I had one apart and did not know any better. Well got her split and I put in a new main shaft while I was at it the old one was a bit worn on the pto splines. Well got her back together and still noticed a bit of a gap between the pto shaft and the main shaft, about 1/4" to 3/8" just looking down the hole. Have read about this a little and wondered if anyone ever took note of how many have gaps like this? I have a parts circle cub. I took the pto out and took off the shift collar, to see the gap put it back on and it has a 1/4" gap. I don't know just a thought, but is there just some slight differances in the milling of the castings? I know it would be nice if the two were virtually touching. My pto shaft has the snap ring and all is good, so it cannot go in any more to close up the gap. I have a good shift collar and I just do some belt work with it at shows so I am not too worried.
Just thinking.