Re: Mower Belt Geometry

Sun Sep 07, 2014 8:42 am

that's allot of work, looks like you had good results. personally I still would have bought a woods or danco C3. they are a larger deck, I also think they are built with much heavier, thicker steel. those cub cadet decks weren't terrible, and they are probably better then what is currently offered by MTD but they are no-where near as heavy as a woods or danco C3. my stepfather has a IH cub cadet 149 and has this same deck, he had to do quite a bit of welding when he rebuilt it, and his deck wasn't in too bad of condition. I also wonder how it works with only the front being pivoted, the cub cadet deck was designed to work on a hanger and raised and lowered the entire deck, you have it setup so only the front lifts and lowers. Both the woods and danco have their pivot points on the mule drive on the very back of the tractor.

you did a great job and looks like allot of work. personally I either would have bought a wide frame cub cadet that was made to work with that deck or I would have sold the IH50 deck you have and put the money towards a nice used woods L59 or danco C3 mower. that being said, nice deck and I hope it works out well for you.