Tidbits about White Demos

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Tidbits about White Demos

Postby Super A » Fri Aug 07, 2015 5:43 pm

Recently I bought an old document on ebay that outlines the plans for the white demonstrator Farmall program. The seller purchased items from the estate of a former IH ad executive. It's on 8.5x11 paper, printed in the good ol' purple mimeograph. I have no reason to doubt the provenance of this document, so I am working under the assumption this is accurate. I'm also assuming it was approved. Here's some cool stuff I learned from the document:

1. The program was officially the "Farmall Cub, Super A, and C Tractor Canvassing and Demonstration Program." It was to run from January 15 to July 15, 1950.

2. The sales goals of the program were to "Sell and deliver all tractors produced by Louisville Works between Dec. 1 1949 and August 1, 1950--64,000 tractors at average price of $1300. (this works out to $83,200,000.00) Also, "Reduce inventory of Louisville tractor 10,000 units by July 15, 1950. (It states that Louisville's inventory as of Dec. 3, 1949 was 24,041 tractors. 10,000 tractors @ $1300 = $13,000,000.00) The total sales volume objective was $96,200,000.00. These goals would be broken down into regional, district, zone, and dealer quotas.

3. Probably the most interesting part of the document is III. Putting Plans into Effect. Under part A. of that plan, "Special 1950 Paint Jobs."
"Arrange with farm tractor division to supply specially painted Cub, C, and Super A tractors during 1950 (color scheme, white). Special paint scheme to create new interest in current models and add to attention value when tractors are decorated with promotional materials and used as canvassing-demonstrator tractors."

4, There were several special paint schemes suggested:
"a. White tractor with red wheels and fitted with metal teardrop on hood top and gold feature stars. Only those tractors sold for canvassing-demonstrating purposes would be painted white. Balance of Louisville production to be in standard red color. If management decides on the white canvassing-demonstrating tractors we suggest that they be sold on terms requiring no payment before Oct. 1,1950.Delaers will be permitted to sell white tractors after 90 days' time, provided tractors are repainted in standard red color. No white tractors to be sold to users. White tractors repainted and sold during period of program to be replaced immediately by new white tractors. Dealer will agree to canvass and demonstrate with white tractors during period of program."
"White tractors would cause much conversation among farmers and would be noticed on highways and in fields. Disadvantages: White tractors would be hard to keep clean and would have to be repainted in standard color before delivery to uses. This color would interfere with on-the-spot delivery of tractor when demonstrating results in sale."
"b. Red tractor with silver grille and silver wheels. Red and silver tractors used as demonstrators to be labeled "Demonstrator." This color scheme for all 1950 Louisville production would present attractive appearance. Combined with silver stars emphasizing features and silver-background teardrop for hood top, it would provide attractive demonstrator tractors which would be delivered when sold. Teardrop could be removed and stars left on tractor if farmer agrees. Tractors in dealer inventory could be trimmed with silver by dealer to tie in with 1950 color scheme. Disadvantage: Some extra cost might be incurred in use of silver paint at Louisville. Special color scheme on all 1950 production will tend to date 1950 tractors.
"c. Red tractor with gold grille. Red and gold tractors used as demonstrators to be labeled "Demonstrator." This color scheme would be less startling than red and silver combination in item b. Combined with gold feature stars and gold-background teardrop for demonstration purposes this color scheme would tie in with mid-century theme proposed for 1950 promotion. Dealers could repaint grilles on inventory tractors. Disadvantage: Same as for red and silver tractors discussed in item b."


White Demo Super A Restoration Updates

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Rob in NH
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Re: Tidbits about White Demos

Postby Rob in NH » Fri Aug 07, 2015 7:50 pm

Thats interesting ,thanks of sharing .

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Re: Tidbits about White Demos

Postby baldwindiesel » Fri Aug 07, 2015 8:29 pm

COOL ! Thanks soooo much for sharing that information ! Now, if only we can find the paperwork that states how many were actually painted WHITE !
I got to see a FAKE one last weekend at a tractor show, I don't think the owner realized it, but the casting dates were late 1950.

Baldwindiesel :{_}:

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Re: Tidbits about White Demos

Postby Rudi » Fri Aug 07, 2015 8:36 pm

Thanks Al... interesting read..... :big smile:
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