Thank you to all forum members or how to adjust the clutch p

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Thank you to all forum members or how to adjust the clutch p

Postby inairam » Mon May 30, 2016 11:06 am

Thank you to all forum members or how to adjust the clutch pedal by way of Greenland.

I want to thank all of the wise forum members who kept me from turning by best runner into a parts tractor.

My 1948 (SN 30761) with an IH 1000 loader had too much play in the clutch pedal and was getting hard to put into gear but otherwise the clutch was ok. No big deal the adjustment was on the pedal on my ‘49 and ‘57 except it was not on the ‘48. SN 32229 introduces clutch pedal adjustment on the pedal. Prior to that adjustment was in clutch housing of the torque tube. So literally if the tractor was a week to two “newer” none of the following would have happened.

Reading old posts on the Forum found it was possible to make the adjustment from the access cover. This was the only less than great advice on the Forum only because it gave me a sense of hope of an easy fix. The loader was an issue because it is hard enough to get to the cover, let alone work in the access hole with the loader in place. No biggie loosens the bolts on the final drive and used a floor jack to drop the front. More access not great access. Long story short, after hours of time all I managed to do was disconnect the bearing from the yoke and not get it back in.

Now I know I have to split the tractor. Never did it before. Did not feel I had the skill to do it without an engine lift so Harbor Freight run. Had to spend a while putting that together. Picked up some 4 x 4s for cribbing. Got nervous and went back to Harbor Freight to get the transmission scissor jack I saw when I got the engine lift. Now the new tools are useless unless I can get the loader out of the way.

Safety first – followed forum instructions on hardwood wedges secured with hose clamps to hold bolster.

First great forum insight – remove the front right wheel and the hub does not hit the ground when the jack was removed! Got the loader out re attached wheel.

Got all of the lifting equipment in place separated the tractor not as scary now that it was done. Found mouse nest behind bearing yoke in torque tube. (Covered in Forum)

Some months ago read a comment that someone converted their tractor to an adjustable clutch pedal and I purchased a “newer” clutch pedal assembly on ebay just in case it came up. This was great to have on hand. Thank you whoever posted that! Started work on removing the brake and clutch pedal. Cleaned, burnished, used penetrating oil and spun the brake shaft and did not hit the exposed end with a hammer all suggestions by Forum members. Was not a bad job but would have been if it did it the way I was thinking!

At this point I realized I could not swap the clutch pedal without separating the torque tube from transmission. Used cribbing and bottle jack to secure rear section ( Forum). I could not separate the torque tube without removing the platform. Do not know if it was me or if you have to do it did not consult Forum on this. Found the mouse nest extended to the transmission (No surprise read it in the Forum)

Reassembled brake & “new” clutch pedal assembly, re attached torque tube and platform. Turned attention to clutch forks and adjusted them to the 1.25” height referenced in the many forum posts.

Did not order parts until I saw what was going on (many forum members suggest this) ordered clutch release bearing and yoke from Forum sponsor TM Tractor to match the different pedal assembly.

I could not have gotten this done without the knowledgeable members of this great forum taking the time to share thier experience.

Now waiting on the parts but am confident I can tackle the rest with some searches on the Forum.
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Re: Thank you to all forum members or how to adjust the clut

Postby Trent M » Mon May 30, 2016 11:45 am


I've learned so much here, I wouldn't know where to begin. Good luck with the rest of your project!!
Trent McPeak

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