184 Motor WOW!!! Night and Day difference

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184 Motor WOW!!! Night and Day difference

Postby ShawnAgne » Thu Nov 03, 2016 6:35 pm

Well it took awhile but I finally got the 184 motor that was completely rebuilt by Art Chester to fire up. Most of the problem was my fault cause of not checking stating timing and getting it on TDC. Also I'm justing running the smaller IH carb as the larger Zenith I just got from Boss Hogg is waiting to be installed.

Anyways WOW, talk about night and day difference. When it roared and I mean literally roared to life it sounded way way different than the stock motor and reminded me of my grandpa's H's. Granted this was 30 years ago I'm going off memory from. I haven't tested to see how fast it goes in 3rd but it is definitely faster and you can definitely tell there is more HP there than the original stock motor. I'm thinking the original motor had lost some HP since I was getting some blowback past the rings, but I wouldn't be shocked if this is putting out more HP than the 18-19hp that a regular 184 motor does.

The original motor let me go a whopping 7mph in 3rd gear according to my car's speedometer. Going to have my wife follow me again just to see how fast it goes.

Either way Boss Hog was definitely right there is a night and day difference between a 184 motor and a stock Cub motor.
Shawn Agne

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Re: 184 Motor WOW!!! Night and Day difference

Postby Glen » Thu Nov 03, 2016 7:32 pm

Good to hear that you got it to run. :) I think I have read on here that there is no difference in the bore size between the IH and Zenith carburetors, both are 3/4 inch, I think. They are just different brands, probably the 184 carb has different jet sizes for the newer, more powerful engine.

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Re: 184 Motor WOW!!! Night and Day difference

Postby CapeCodCubs » Thu Nov 03, 2016 8:15 pm

Art Chester knows how to rebuild them! David Bennet steered you in the right direction, too. Two smart fellas!

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Re: 184 Motor WOW!!! Night and Day difference

Postby wrink3 » Thu Nov 03, 2016 8:20 pm

Per Ken Updike's book, the 184 should do a bit better than 10 mph in 3rd gear. The 184 revs a lot higher than the "standard" cubs. If you have access to a handheld GPS you can check your speed that way better than by racing your wife--but that can be fun. I got the idea to check my 184 that way after using the GPS in my boat. Glad you like the 184 motor. The pertronix ignitions really help also.

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