EBay carb evaluation part 2

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Bob McCarty
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Team Cub
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EBay carb evaluation part 2

Postby Bob McCarty » Thu Dec 28, 2017 11:20 pm

The bottom: The choke shaft has the same flimsy foam shaft seals and has the knurled end for a choke lever. Most of the first eBay descriptions listed this carb for the 154, 185 and 184. The choke lever is not used on those models so the knurled end is inappropriate. The butterfly was steel and like an OEM. The edges were burred though. The bleed and discharge tube are both sized for an earlier Cub and not a numbered LoBoy. The IH carb was only used on the 154 and never on the 184 and 185 which used Zeniths. Insertion of a wire into the bleed hit a burr or ledge, so the diameter was restricted internally. The orifice of the main jet was recessed and between .035 and .040 but I had no means of accurately measuring it. The hex head of the main jet should be 3/8", but was actually 10mm (not a big difference unless you have a 3/8" nut driver in your hand). The cross hole in the jet is oval shaped and looked like someone was asleep at the drill press. The main jet, discharge tube and needle seat all have Al washers instead of fiber washers. The OEM drain plug is 1/8" NPT. When I tried to thread a replacement plug to check the threads, it would only thread about 2 threads. I took the eBay plug to ACE and it would thread into a 1/8" NPT fitting. Not sure what is happening there. The air intake drain is a sintered brass insert rather than a felt plug with the concave washer staked in. Most of the parting lines from casting were either rough or had a small fin or burr.

Overall, the eBay carb and OEM are very similar. For the eBay carb to function correctly, I think one would need to enlarge the calibrated orifices to their correct size, replace the idle tube and replace the needle and seat. The orifice sizes may not be a problem, but the sticking needle most definitely would be. I have only seen this one eBay carb and there may have been changes or improvements made since (although I imagine most of the first run is still for sale). Prices have dropped on eBay from the $250-$400 range to around $75 +/-. I will probably try and put this one into spec and possibly bring it to DSCF.

Feel free to make comments or ask questions about components I may have skipped over.
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Don McCombs
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Team Cub Mentor
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Re: EBay carb evaluation part 2

Postby Don McCombs » Thu Dec 28, 2017 11:42 pm

Bob, thanks for the time and effort that you have put into this evaluation.
Don McCombs
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Re: EBay carb evaluation part 2

Postby Barnyard » Fri Dec 29, 2017 12:19 am

Bob, thanks for the work you put into this. It is very informative and should be helpful to all.
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Cub Star!!
Cub Star!!
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Re: EBay carb evaluation part 2

Postby radioguy41 » Fri Dec 29, 2017 9:17 am

Thank you for your evaluation of the carb.
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Re: EBay carb evaluation part 2

Postby staninlowerAL » Fri Dec 29, 2017 12:15 pm

Bob, thanks for taking the time and effort to do this also the attention to details.

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Team Cub
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Re: EBay carb evaluation part 2

Postby Stanton » Fri Dec 29, 2017 3:56 pm

Thank you, Bob, for investing the time to chronicle what you found. It will help us all with questions later about basic differences in an OEM and the eBay carbs.
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Re: EBay carb evaluation part 2

Postby BigBill » Sat Dec 30, 2017 1:37 pm

Did you know the zenith carbs you can change the cfm? By changing the venturi ring inside? I found this out on the old gravely 6hp and 7.6hp tractors. I was seeing two different size venturis in the same carb body.
I'm technically misunderstood at times i guess its been this way my whole life so why should it change now.

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Re: EBay carb evaluation part 2

Postby Cubfriend » Sun Dec 31, 2017 9:47 am

Thanks for the time you spent evaluating the eBay carburetor. Too bad the engineers didn’t take more time to do their homework and make these correct so they didn’t have to be reworked. Sometimes close isn’t good enough.

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ricky racer
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Re: EBay carb evaluation part 2

Postby ricky racer » Sun Dec 31, 2017 8:57 pm

Barnyard wrote:Bob, thanks for the work you put into this. It is very informative and should be helpful to all.

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