Removing Broken Sediment Bowl Threads From Fuel Tank

Sat Jan 06, 2007 2:21 am

Some of you may have the same luck as i do. Attempting to get an H running today i discovered the fuel sediment bowl leaked everywhere. All the fittings had been overtightened by PO and cracked. Attempting to remove the assembly it broke smooth with the tank.

Now for my dandy trick. I drilled most of the cast peice out and cut the bottom off a gallon jug just deep enough for the recessed area of the tank to set in. added muratic acid to the tray and let it eat out the remainder of the cast part. it left the threads bright and clean with no damage to the tank. Make sure you do this in a well vented area as the fumes from the acid are bad. Also rinse the acid residue with water.

some of you may be wary to do this but it worked for me.

The acid will eat the pot metal, aluminum threads. the part i was trying to remove was the peice that was stuck in the threaded portion of the fuel tank outlet. Do not put the acid any part of the sediment bowl you want to keep.

I used it full strength to eat it out and when done i washed it off with water. you could probably just put a little on at a time till it was all gone and rinse as you go each time. I just had a empty jug handy and cut the bottom off about an inch high and set the tank on top of it with the outlet just barely in the acid.

Sat Jan 06, 2007 8:51 am

Always remember that you add acid to water NOT WATER TO ACID
A to W. Not W to A