1st cub

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Re: 1st cub

Postby JoeyO » Mon Apr 04, 2022 3:39 pm

Thanks Pap!

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Re: 1st cub

Postby Glen » Mon Apr 04, 2022 7:00 pm

Also, the operator's manual shows the original shape of the Fast Hitch lift rod, on the left side of the Cub, in the pics on pages 18, and 19, if you can enlarge the pics some.
The rod isn't meant to push down on implements, they can bend.

If the leveling crank, on the left side of the hitch has the folding down top, it is probably from a newer hitch, they didn't have that on the first years of hitches.
Someone replaced it evidently.
The pics in the manual show the leveling crank.

The operator's manual before the one I posted has more Touch Control info.
Below is a page from it showing the parts of the system, and where the filler plug is.
The arms should not move until the engine is running, if there is fluid in the system.

http://farmallcub.com/rudi_cub/www.clea ... age-65.jpg

If you are trying to soak the pistons with penetrating oil, as I remember, the cylinders are to the right sides of the spark plug holes. Use a light and look in the holes, if you have the hood off. :)

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