50 years seems like a short time

Mon Aug 27, 2007 7:11 am


New to the forum just thought I'd say "hey"!

My buddy got a 1953 F-Cub as a gift from a friend who was retiring from farming (the kid was only 89 go figure :) ). My buddy asked me to help him get it running. :roll:

The last time I really had anything to do with a Cub was the summer of 1957. I had been driving one on a friend's farm for about 6 years (as Soon as I could reach the pedals I got trained. Fewer lawyers in those days :lol: ). So when I saw the Cub all those memories came flooding back. Scraped knucles, mowing 4 acres, cultivating, plowing, eating fertilizer while riding on the corn planter...... well you get the picture, anyway, we are working on her. She will be a working tractor, no plans to get her all "gussied up" for shows etc.

But my friend has an awfully large barn and I could squeeze in another Cub, Hmmmmmm I wonder how I could convince the wife that we need a Cub????

I have already found this forum to be a goldmine of information and the members all seem to real friendly. I look forward to lots of fun from the association.


Mon Aug 27, 2007 7:31 am

First of all, Welcome to the Forum, Dave. You are right on all counts in your post :!: . Fantastic group of folks here to help with any questions that may come up. The only way it will get any better is to convince the Better Half that you indeed do need a Cub. :P 8) :D . Pete

Mon Aug 27, 2007 11:27 am

Dave - bring the wife along and attend one of our cub functions such as a cubfest or cubarama. If she doesn't leave there wanting a cub I ain't the Bigdog! :lol:

Mon Aug 27, 2007 12:11 pm

Welcome Dave. Let the better half take your buddy's Cub for a spin. She might like it. Good luck on getting your own. Let me tell you, you have found the right website for all things Cub!! :D 8) :D

Mon Aug 27, 2007 12:49 pm

From one Dave to another, WELCOME!!!

Mon Aug 27, 2007 2:22 pm

Welcome, Dave. Get the first one and give it to her. Then go look for another one for yourself. :wink:

Mon Aug 27, 2007 2:53 pm

TexCub wrote:From one Dave to another, WELCOME!!!

Hey to you too Dave :D And to everybody else who gave me a "shout" Thank you!

Dave, I may be back at you with some questions later as I see you have a '53 as well. Also, some of the same equipment (e.g. blade)

My buddy's Cub has a "J" after the serial number I read somewhere?? that the "J" means that it has a Rockford clutch (I haven't a clue what the difference is :? ) it also has a Touch-Control hydraulic system that appears intact to my newbie eyes. It has a front mounted blade and the blade appears to be in good shape with no obvious cracks etc. (just about 20 years of "barn dust" on everything) :lol:

My buddy wants to get it running to use for road grading and snow removal on his place in Wisconsin (Rochester-Waterford area). he has about a half-mile gravel road back to his house. So we are really going to have to get it running reliably. If we could find a good mower that would be good too. Maybe we can take this off line to get some background on the care and feeding of the blade system? :)

I am going to phone now to order some more parts (when does it end??) :lol:

Thanks again guys

Mon Aug 27, 2007 2:58 pm


Yup.. here are some additional tips on convincing the Better Half that you need to get your own Cub.

  1. Wine and Dine the Better Half :!: :idea: :D
  2. Wine and Dine the Better Half :!: :idea: :D
  3. Wine and Dine the Better Half :!: :idea: :D
  4. If still in doubt :!: recheck items 1-3 :!: :idea: :roll: :D 8) :lol: :lol:
First, Image to the greatest forum on the internet, and to the Cub Family. You will find that all the folks on this forum are kind, helpful and just full of Cub info and knowledge. They also happen to be the finest folks I have ever met :!: :D

The Welcome Wagon is a bit overwhelming, but it has been designed to actually be copied to a Word Processor such as Microsoft Word (which preserves the active links), and saved to your desktop for easy reference at a later date or when you have a bit more time to read all the information contained in the links below. Please do so, enjoy and I hope this will be a useful aid in learning more about your New Cub Tractor :!: :D

Filling out your Image Profile is a real help. It just needs to be - City, County, State, a lot less than what is available in your local phone book. Knowing where you are will help in members offering to come help, when you are looking for parts - the area that would be useful to you etc., Also our CubFests, Mini-Fests or a simple KaffeeKlatsch/get together over coffee and a doughnut etc., to help each other benefits. Just a thought :!:

Ok, so here is the spiel Image:

I would suggest that you read this thread: New Members and Visitors, Please READ Prior to Posting. There are many great links to informative pages such as the ATIS FAQ's 1 and ATIS FAQ's 2, The Best of H.L. Chauvin who has written very interesting articles on troubleshooting common problems with your Cub. One of the other projects we have been working on and it will be a continuing effort is the How To Work on Your Cub - Maintenance Tips and Techniques. This the the place to go to get all the quick links to some very good articles written by many members of the forum on solving some of the problems we encounter as we repair, maintain and up-grade our Cubs. Keep looking for this to grow.

Also, you might want to visit the Cub Manual Server as there is tons of info on servicing, maintaining and re-building your Cub. In addition to this basic information, there are also a number of other useful tools available on the server. There is the Specialty Services page which has contact info for neat stuff like getting your seats recovered, buying quality Decals, Serial Number tags and a host of other neat items. Also there are the Parts Pages - both Used Parts Suppliers and New Parts Suppliers pages with links to quality dealers. I am always looking for YOUR favourite dealers for New and Used Parts to include here. These pages are intended to complement our Official FarmallCub.com Website Sponsors:I would also recommend that you visit Binder Books and purchase the three most important manuals you can own for Maintenance, Repair and Rebuilding your Cub. These are the Owner's Manual, the GSS-1411 Service Manual and the TC-37F Parts Manual. Although they are available on the Cub Manual Server, it is better if you also have your own paper copy. Binder Books is the only Authorized IH Publication Reprint House and they have the best quality manuals available. Most other's are not of the same quality. Just a personal thought here, the I&T Shop Manuals, although helpful in some areas, really are not sufficient for the job. If you wish though, they are good additional reference works.

IF you really want to get the skinny on all things Cub, might I suggest you get a copy of Ken Updike's Farmall Cub and Cub Cadet's :?: . While you are at it Original Farmall Cub and Cub Cadet is Ken's latest addition to the series. Along with Guy Fay's Letter Series Originality Guide, these are three must have's in anyone's collection.

In addition to the above information, don't forget to check out the various articles that are available to help with your Repair, Restore, Rebuild or just your Maintenance Projects. There are a number of sub pages such as Electrolysis or Rust Zapper's, Maintenance Tips, Jigs and Techniques, Implement and Part Sketches and of course the Paint, Decals & Other Finish Questions which has the Paint Chart and the Paint Committee Decisions links.

Oh, and while the program still lasts.. you might want to check the Announcement: Navistar Free Gas Cap Offer - On-Line Form thread at the top of the Cub Forum and send away for the new style safety cap before that program runs out as well.

I truly hope that you enjoy your Cub and that you will be a frequent contributor to the forum. Again, Image to the Cub FamilyImage :D

Mon Aug 27, 2007 5:58 pm

Hey Dave,

Image Image Image

Tell your wife you need a cub for scientific research, to be used as a diagram to work on your buddy's cub. :lol: :lol: :lol:


Tue Aug 28, 2007 8:54 am

Welcome aboard Dave, always glad to have another illinois person on the forumn. I am a couple hours straight south of chicago on route 1. We will be having a cub gathering at my place in april 11-13. Mark your calendar now, should be a good time for all! Lots of information and help here. Just as you, i got back to my tractor roots after years of being away, not fifty for me, it was only 10 or so for me, but that was plenty.

Tue Aug 28, 2007 11:47 pm

I'm a little late on welcoming you, so Welcom to the forum :D

Wed Aug 29, 2007 6:19 am

deputyjailer90 aka podge wrote:I'm a little late on welcoming you, so Welcom to the forum :D

Better late than never :!: :lol:

Thank You all again! I am really enjoying this a lot! :D


Thu Aug 30, 2007 2:07 pm

ooops i'm late as well, so here goes welcome to the wonderful world of cubs hope you enjoy this site as much as the rest of us :!:

Thu Aug 30, 2007 6:33 pm

Welcome from a Wisconsin guy (born and raised in Westville, Illinois). Good to see some locals here too. Hey a couple of hundred miles on this forum is local.