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Postby Loader » Thu Nov 22, 2007 10:46 pm

Pete1941 wrote:Hey Loader, no end in site as to number of tractors :!: . Just figure what size building you think you will need and then either double or triple it and you will be okay :D . BTW, happy Thanksgiving, Pete

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!!

Oh, man am I glad my wife doesn't read posts here!! You just don't know how right you are!

3 years ago I needed a garden shed to store "a" tractor in. 8x12 should do it. My brother was helping and said that I should go bigger than I think I need - heck, since we're building it how much more would it cost to build the floor one sheet wider and one sheet longer? He figured the best way to build the floor would be to NOT have to cut anything.

So, we went a little bigger, then a little taller. My garden shed is now a 16x20 workshop that has three tractors and a Harley in there plus a bunch of other stuff that filled it right up!

I had already started thinking about building another building/garage and I guess I need to get more serious.

Man, am I glad my wife isn't here to read this!!
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