Home Made Small Engine Air Filter Housing

Thu Apr 14, 2011 8:19 pm

I use Older Snow blower Tecumseh Engines a lot to repower My David Bradley tractors. the Problem is that they have what's called a Heater Box mounted right to the carb. To Warm the fuel mixture in the winter, Yea Right.... No Air Filter or Housing for one at all. This is why these carbs get messed up with gunk so much. Well, after seeing what the Air Filter housing that fits these engines cost on ebay and how rare they are to find I decide to fabricate my own. Here is a video of the first prototype... Very Simple, Very Cheap, Takes approx. 10 Minutes to make it , Cost approx. .85 Yes, Eighty Five Cents!!!!!!!!!!! Totally Reusable, No Replacement Elements. Home Made Sponge Type Oil Bath Air Filter
Please feel Free to Comment, I'd really Like to Hear what you think. Thanks, DanO'