Cleaning the inside of the Adjustable Front Axle

Fri Jun 06, 2014 7:38 pm

I needed to slide the front axles in two holes on each side. Not a job that I was looking forward too. Fortunately, everything came apart with far less effort than I envisioned. Getting the axles to slide in those two holes was another matter because I didn't have a hone large enough to clean out the pipe.

I called a friend that has a lot of tools that I don't and I thought he might have what I needed. He didn't, however, he said "I'll be over in half an hour."

He has a serious woodworking shop in his basement and in 30 minutes he arrived with a piece of wood and a half sheet of coarse sandpaper. He took a large diameter wooden rod (probably the size of a wooden closet rod) and turned the end to 3/8" to be chucked in a cordless variable speed drill.

The other end of the rod he used a bandsaw to saw a narrow kerf the width of a half sheet of sandpaper.

The friction of the sandpaper holds the sheet in the wood. Chuck up the drill, coil the sandpaper loosely around the wooden rod and slowly work the rod back and forth inside the axle. I used a bit of Kroil to help the process. Cleaned the axle with brake cleaner, lubed the inside and outside of the axle and everything slid together nicely.

Oh, for the record, the wooden piece is 13" long.

Cheap and effective. I like it!