How To Replace Mott Mower Roller Bearings Part 1

Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:10 pm

I have been busy lately buying mowers. (Don’t ask me why I don't know) I now have 3 Lo-Boy fast hitch Mott Flail mowers and a number of C-2 mowers.
Two of the Mott mowers have seized roller bearings. So they need to come out and be replaced.

After consulting with my local cub Pro Ed
See file photo (this is not a photo from actual consultation)

Ed gave me some ideas on how to get the bad bearings out. So after a nice visit at Ed’s place I was off to give it a try.
This is the rig that I made up. I used the same jig that I made to remove cub pulleys. I just added some longer thread all and some couplings
The pulley puller fit perfectly on the roller.

This is the photo on the bad bearing. If you look close you can see that it is broken and the ball bearings are loose.

This is the business end of the press

After a little pressure and a few taps with a hammer the broken bearing came out

After the broken bearing was free
1. I pulled the axle out of the roller and turned the roller over so the good bearing was now on the end of the jig without the jack.
2. I then put the axle back into the roller so that I could use the axle to push out the good bearing.
(put the washer on the bearing end of the axle to help push the bearing out)
3. The good bearing was in the roller very tight so I put some pressure on the axle with the jack and added some heat to the bearing. After a few minutes the bearing popped out.

This is the good bearing being pushed out with the axle

This is the end result.

I will add how to install new bearings when I get my hands on the new bearings.