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How to fix them and how to use them.
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How to match tractor horsepower to implement size.

Sun Mar 27, 2005 12:38 pm

1] get the implement the manufactorer made for the tractor.
2] buy the implements the seller of the tractor used with the tractor being purchased.
3] ask others (like this forum) if they have ever used this implement with this tractor.
4] BUT on occasion we have the tractor and find a good buy in an implement. The places and means of attactment seem to match. But is the implement too big or too small for the tractor for which it is being bought? :? If they are followed, it might be ok and :oops: avoided.
A- do not deliberately plan to underpower your equipement as this will cause increased engine wear and tire slippage and increased fuel consumption (have you been to the pump lately? :x )
B- do not match the implement for the toughest conditions on the farm but rather figure out the average condition and figure on a lower ground speed or the 15->20% reserve to handle the temporary condition.
C- make minor adjustments in speed to utilize the available horsepower most efficiently.
D- when using the following calculations remember it is hard to find a 1.5 bottom plow. Always round down. For engine horsepower use the U of NE tractor test lab figures
1> Hold about 15->20% of engine hp for reserve.
% of drawbar hp available for use on firm soil 62.5
% of drawbar hp avaible for use on tilled soil 55
% of drawbar hp avaible for use on loose soil 47.5
2> drawbar hp requirements for one foot of implement width
use desired speed mph hp
to shred stalks at 5.6 mph needs 2.7 hp per ft
to use a moldboard plow in coarse soil at 4.5 mph 5.4 hp per ft
to use a moldboard plow in medium soil at 4.5 mph needs 9 hp per ft
to use a moldboard plow in fine soil at 4.5 mph needs 12.6 hp per ft
to use a tiller at 2.5 mph needs 3.1 hp per ft
to use a chisel plow 4.5 mph needs 8.6 hp per ft
heavy duty disk at 4.5 mph needs 7.5 hp per ft
tandem disk at 4.5 mph needs 3.6 hp per ft
spring tooth harrow at 5.0 mph needs 3.6 hp per ft
field cultivator at 5.5 mph needs 3.5 hp per ft
roller at 6.0 mph 2.4 hp per ft
row crop planter conventional at 4.5 mph needs 4.8 hp per ft
row crop planter no till at 3.0 mph needs 4.3 hp per ft
grain drill at 4.0 mph 1.3 hp per ft
rotary hoe at 7.0 mph needs 2.3 hp per ft
cultivator at 3.5 mph 1.3 hp per ft
sprayer at 6.5 mph needs 3.0 hp per ft

Book learning is a good place to start but book learning modified by experience is better.

many thanks to Ohio State University :) 8)
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Sun Mar 27, 2005 1:05 pm

Seems like "row crop planter" should be quoted per row rather than per foot.
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