Test Clutch Pilot Bushing Removal

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Test Clutch Pilot Bushing Removal

Postby DRaymond » Mon Apr 10, 2017 6:25 pm

I was beginning to scratch my head on getting the bushing out when my brother suggested doing it "hydraulically". It worked like a charm!!!!! Here is how we did it.

STEP 1 FABRICATE THE EXTRACTION TOOL. Material was a plated 5/8” Bolt. It was long enough so that when the threaded portion was cut off it left a smooth surfaced length (grip of the bolt) under the head of 2-1/2”. The fit of my bolt happened to be just loose in the bushing's bore. Make sure to debur the cut end of the bolt.

STEP 2 EXTRACT OLD BUSHING. I filled the old bushing bore ½ to ¾ full of chassis grease. The tool was inserted into the bore of the old bushing and using a heavy hammer (I used a 3 lb. hammer) I drove the bolt into the bushing bore. The resulting hydraulic pressure forced the old bushing out. After removal of the bushing I wiped all of the grease out of the hole the bushing came out of.

STEP 3 INSERT THE NEW BUSHING. Driver tool came from a GearWrench General Purpose Bushing Driver Kit PN 41780D

STEP 4 MIC THE BUSHING'S BORE. The bore of the inserted bushing was measured and using the information determined how much needed to be reamed out to meet the bore tolerance specifications below (Ref GSS-1008 manual page 25):

Clutch shaft
Diameter pilot bushing end.............. .621 to .622 inch
Running clearance in pilot bushing..... .004 to .006 inch

STEP 5 REAM THE BUSHING'S BORE. Based on my findings I used a brake cylinder hone to increase the bushing bore until the bore fell within the running clearance specifications. I then cleaned the bore and lubricated it with Anti-Friction grease.


NOTE: It wasn't until after I completed this procedure that I found a number of similar how tos on this subject from other forum members. This is such a great site!
DT Raymond
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