Found Super A

Sat Oct 29, 2005 1:03 am

Went to my last Aunts funerial (96years old) and saw a second cousin that I knew had my Uncles Super A. He bought it new in 1951 when my dad traded his first Cub sold in Stanly County in 1947 for the Super A. They planed to borrow each other's implements. I had offered my uncle what he paid for it in before he died, and he could keep it. I just wanted him to will it to me. I think the naked tractor and cultivators, 2 disk plow, and disk harrow was $1800 new. He would not. So his daughter got it. Now her son has it and he promised to sell it to me when he got ready to sell it. I told him to keep it in the dry and keep it running and he said he had. It has low millage. I also located the Super A my dad bought new 2 miles away. I knew about the tractor but did not know it was the same one. Its not for sale but is still in good shape and was told I may could get it some day.
So if your looking for your dad or grand paws tractor it may still be around. Just ask the old timers you may get some leads. Now anyone know where my dads Cub, Super C, M, Super M and F-20 are??

Sat Oct 29, 2005 3:33 am

Hey Jim...Good for you on locatin' so many of your family's Farmalls :D Ain't it amazin' how tractors can stay so local for so many years! :wink: I just hope your relatives let you drive them now and then! :D