Super A rod bearing question.

Sun Nov 19, 2006 8:14 am

Finally got my engine unstuck and pulled it all apart sleeves and all. Was looking at the rod bearing and they had a 030 stamped on them.Along with a lot of other numbers. This does mean these are .30 over standard doesn"t it. The cranks looks like it needs to be turned.But is not real bad. Is there any bearing over .30 or is that it. Don"t see any anywhere. What are my options on a crank? Have not looked at the main bearings yet. My crank measured out at about 1.715 at the rod bearing. Standard is about 1.750 so about .30 seems right. About what is a good price for turning a crank? or good guess

Sun Nov 19, 2006 9:48 am

30 would indicate that the crank is .030 under sized. Or over depending on terminology. The other numbers are usually manufacturers part numbers.

On the crank. You may be able to get away with having the machine shop polish the crank journals.

Valu-bilt lists the largest undersided as .030 inserts for the Super A. That doesn't mean that .040 undersized inserts are not available. A good machine shop will have access to more parts sources.

The thing to do is price the machine shop work and new parts.

It may be cheaper to purchase a good crank or a good used engine or a good parts tractor.