The "A" Is looking better!

Wed Jan 31, 2007 7:23 am

Well I had about 30 seconds of free time yesterday before I had to be home saw my dads Barn door open so I pulled in. He had the "A" ready to take off the trailer.
What he found was the clutch was stuck so he took a long bar so he didn't have to sit on the tractor and kept working it letting is slam up and then push it down well it freed up. He had the binders all off the tractor and put away he had the rear tire ski's removed so no pictures but I can take pic's of the skis.
He also had tried starting it with the battery off the H. The mag is hot because he quit after it got him! He thinks the carb is plugged up.
I so wanted to work on it last night and get it off the trailer and fire it up.
But I had to go home un-load the corn and fill the corn stove and play with the kids.
Maybe tonight!
we also checked the rear PTO couldn't turn it by hand like my dads "A" but it turns with a pipe wrench fairly easy.
Just a matter of time to get it running and the only thing after that is to get 2 front tires and rims.
It was a little low on oil but I want to get it running and then drain out hot oil and replace. It also looked like the radiator was empty so we shall see where that takes us.
keep your fingers crossed!

Wed Jan 31, 2007 8:13 am

We had the same thing happen. We found that putting it in 4 th gear gave the least resistance, and just by rocking it popped the cluch free. Used a lot of pb blaster also.

Wed Jan 31, 2007 8:30 am

yeah I tried that with a 1940 9N this summer but I split the tractor the clutch disk chiesled off in layers it would have neve come apart!
I am happy this one broke free. The 9N was tore apart and fixed in Less then 2 hours and it is easy on the A also. Its the money part I don't like!
I hope to get it running this week.