Adding Hydraulics to my A (summer project)

Tue May 22, 2007 1:33 pm

Well this will be my summer project. I hope i get support from most of you instead of negative comments. All comments for the better of my project will be greatly appriecated.

I will be adding Hydraulics on my 1945 A. It already has some nice additions to it. It has had a dip stick added and a water pump. I got this tractor for a prety good buy and it needed less to get it going then I thought if you remember the story. I have sold all the extra stuff that came with it and it paid for the tractor. I also sold a cub mower deck to buy a woods 42 for my cub and a Woods L59 for the A that Bigdog, cowboy and Clem helped me get home from Ohio.
Now I have always wanted a super A and I almost bought one last week with a almost brand new woods L306 6' mower but for $2700 I figured man I like my A I have and it owes me nothing.
I was at a sale and bought a hyd pump. I already bought a 2 valve spool from ebay big clunky thing I need to do the research to see if it will do my application. I hope it does. I also bought some cylinders at the sale.
My plan is to take and mount it on the left side of the generator with a pulley that lines up with the generator and fan pulley. It will be above center of the generator. I will use one belt to drive the generator and pump. I will then go back to a resevoir tank I am getting tonight that will mount on the torque tube. I also plan on adding a filter. This will then go back to where the spool will be somewhere by the seat. I plan on using one cylinder for lift on a factor snow blade and one for power angle.
(maybe I can add a fast hitch later to use my cub implements)
I will try to post some pictures as it goes along. Now does anyone see anything wrong with having live hydraulics like this? I don't want to do a pto driven pump becasue I want full control while pushing snow.

My other option is when I stop to get my resevoir tank tonight the guy tells me he has a old 6 volt generator with a hyd pump built on the back side of it. I may try to use this if I can get it to work. He said it was from an old mid 50's convertable car and that was what lifted the top up and down. He said it use to be used on his dads doodle bug type tractor.
I can have this so I am taking it anyway.
let me know your thoughts on this.

Tue May 22, 2007 5:06 pm

Okay, you will want to make sure that spool valve is open center. So, with all the valve levers in the "neutral" position, see if you can blow air through from the IN to the OUT. If you can, that means the valve is open when all the spools are centered, an open-center valve.

Driving the hydraulic pump off the same belt as the generator and fan may not work so well. It puts a lot of extra side-load on the generator because you have to have the belt super-tight to transfer the power to the hydraulic pump. The generator's bearings may not be up to the task. If you can, have an extra pulley machined that fits on in front of the crank pulley somehow.

I've seen some pretty ratty hydraulic setups duct-taped on to old As and Bs. It's a sacrelige, I tell ya. Please do be neat about it :)

Wed May 23, 2007 6:01 am

I really want to be neat about it. It may not be in the first go around but it will in the end! Thank you for the info on the spool I will check that out and that is great information.
I think I am going to go and see if I can mount this generator/hyd pump combo I got last night. the guy gave it to me and it is already made for this set up. I hope my spool is open center I will look tonight now I am trying to find something for a hyd resivoir. How big do you think it needs to be?

Wed May 23, 2007 7:15 am

Boy that generator/hydraulic pump combo would be one slick piece of equipment if both parts work, and it should be a fairly easy install at that.

Hmm, just shooting from the hip here, but I can't believe you'd need more than 2 gallons of fluid. The reservoir should probably be mounted even with, or above, the level of the pump on the tractor. That way the hydraulic oil is gravity fed to the pump, and it won't lose its prime if it's not in the best of shape.

Wed May 23, 2007 7:24 am

wow 2 gallons really? That thing is going to be big to hid. I plan on mounting on the front torque tube mounts.

Matt which side should the filter be added?

Thu May 24, 2007 1:19 pm

I have a '42 A to which hydraulics have been added. The pump is an IH, mounted in the usual place. There is a two spool heavy-duty controller--one handles the belly mower, the other a front blade. The IH pump provides plenty of pressure and flow--the front blade will easily pick up the front of the A. The oil reservoir is mounted under the rear of the gas tank--where the TC block would normally mount on an SA--it is just a 5"pipe, welded-in ends, a filler cap and hose fittings. Ralph probably has a pump.

Thu May 24, 2007 2:04 pm

barn_cub, you must have an A that had its block replaced with a newer Super A/C/Super C block. The original A blocks did not have the mounting face for the pump.

cjpenny89, I'm pretty sure you want the filter on a non-pressure leg of the system, probably between the reservoir and the intake.

The 2 gallon estimate is just a guess. It depends on how much hydraulic activity your tractor will see. You could probably get away with a gallon, as that's all the reservoir my TwinDraulic Cub loader came with for two fairly long 1-way cylinders. Less reservoir is required for 2-way cylinders because you've always got oil coming back in from the other side of the cylinder. More is required on a heavily-used hydraulic system What I do know is that 6 quarts in an H or M isn't all that much, and the 3-1/2 pints in a Cub is woefully inadequate except for the smallest of cylinders.

Fri May 25, 2007 7:06 am

Yep. A replacement block must be the case.

Fri May 25, 2007 8:26 am

Well I am currently finishing up my genrator/hyd pump bracket. I hope over the weekend to get it mounted and get the generator wired up. I have the hyd pump off right now which is easy to do and I can still run the generator till I get the rest of my parts done.

Wed Aug 29, 2007 9:54 pm

well guys it has been a while I am back working on the A project and I am getting close! I will try and get pics up soon!