Preping an A for startup

Sun Jun 24, 2007 10:23 am

Hi Folks, Well I bought a early A yesterday to be a companion to my 49 cub Bette. The PO lost interest in the resto. It has a rebuilt carb and Mag from central tractor supply on it. the PO said it ran be he wanted to "time" it better and now he can't get it to catch. sounds like he's got a lot of quit in him to me. I think he is to lazy to crank it. anyway, can you all help me to get a list of check points together to go over to get her to start up. It already has fresh oil and fuel. What static adjustments need to be made to help fire it since the timing has been messed with? etc.

I've never dealt with a straight mag tractor without some form of electrical system on it before. so I guess in this respect i'm a noob. is there a SN list for A's to help me determine exact, as possible, it's age?

Thanks all, tim

Sun Jun 24, 2007 8:40 pm

Get your #1 cylinder to TDC, then look at the rotor button. Is it very near the distributor post with the 1 in a circle right by it? (Assuming it is the OEM cap). If the rotor point is not at that place, you might as well start at the governor with your timing efforts---otherwise, you may never know why the engine "just doesn't run right". POs sometimes mess with the governor and can't seem to align the correct teeth on the back of the mag drive which is seen with the governor off.