Farmall A

Wed May 27, 2009 6:10 am

I started the SA the other day for the first time in about 9 months. One pull with the choke closed and the switch off. One pull with the choke open and the switch one. Fired right up and sounded great. I let her run for about 10 minutes then shut the engine off. I tried to start again in about 10 minutes and the crank would not turn at all. Hit the starter and it started with no effort. Any ideas?

Re: Farmall A

Wed May 27, 2009 7:54 am

could you describe the problem a little more fully? was the hand crank stuck, or the starter jammed in the flywheel, locking the engine?

Re: Farmall A

Wed May 27, 2009 8:57 am

If I understand the question correctly.

On most hand crank starter set ups. The crank extension shaft passes through the bolster. Take a look at your set up. Something is preventing the extension shaft from turning.

Could be crud buildup or perhaps a pin catching on the return spring.

Re: Farmall A

Thu May 28, 2009 5:06 am

It seemed like the engine was seized. Started it again today with no problems. The crank has been extended for a cattle guard so I'm going to look for something that is obstructing the crank itself.

Re: Farmall A

Fri May 29, 2009 10:24 am

I had the same thing happen with an H Farmall. Still don't know what happened, but I could not turn the engine with hand crank. Electric starter worked just fine.