Questions and Parts search for Super A

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Dale Finch
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Questions and Parts search for Super A

Postby Dale Finch » Thu Sep 30, 2010 10:17 pm

This is a copy of my posting on another forum, so I apologize for the duplication. Just not sure of how much overlap of gurus there is! Thanks...

OK, I have had a weekend with my "new" '48 Super A (Bubba, brother to my '55 Cub, Bertha!) and have accomplished some preliminry work and cataloged some work to be done and parts to be purchased/scavenged. First I will adress some questions I have:

1. My SA (S/N 250323) was converted to 12v at some point, but there is no battery box and the battery is just perched in position. I have replaced a bad ground wire, but need to find a battery box. Is the box determined by year (as in the manuals I just received), or by the 12v battery size? I see there are 2 boxes available: a true box with a top and one with 3 sides and a top. Which one should I be looking for? I didn't see dimensions on them. Anyone have a spare that would fit for a reasonable price?

2. On pg. 178 of the Parts Manual from Binder Books, there is item #12, "Bracket, Starting Crank". I am not sure what this part is...does it attach to the grill? Does it somehow hold the starting crank? My grill is a bit messed up down at the lower section (need a new one of those, too!?) so I hadn't noticed this part, if it is there at all.

3. I see there are 3 front ends: Non-adjustable, Adjustable/"Special", and "Heavy Duty". I think I just have the Adjustable, since I do not have the extra holes and attachments the parts book shows for the Heavy duty. However, I saw a friends SA and he had a square (diamond) shaped front axle (it had an "International" emblem). Is that a heavy duty axle? Is it a different model?

4. My SA came with a 3-point hitch conersion (on which I have some work to do) with no drawbar. I want to pull a trailer, and am not sure of the simplest way to get a hitch on. Do I need a Swinging Drawbar, Quick Attachable Drawbar, a 3-pt Drawbar, or does someone have something else that could be used? Can I leave it attached with a cultivator attached to the 3-point?

5. I see a very small amount of oil around the PTO area, which doesn't really worry me, but it is a bit milky, indicating moisture/water in it. What is the best method for flushing the reservoirs? Do I simply drain and refill, operate and repeat, hoping to get the water out? Or do I actually use something else to flush it out? Should I do the same for all reservoirs: steering gear housing (which is the next question), transmission, rear axle housings, belt pulley housing?

6. The Cub simply had gear oil in the steering gear housing, and I see the SA has gear oil as well, but when looking at it, I see there is a grease fitting on top of the Steering Gear Reservoir. What am I greasing? Does it simply go into the reservoir and mix with the gear oil? Is it a seperate chamber?

WHEW!! That's enough of that! But before I go, I wanted to list some parts that I was hoping you guys might have stashed in your sheds! I am also buying stuff from Clapp Bros, Steiners, etc, but was just hoping there might be some good used parts floating among you!

1. Drawbar
2. 4 Rockshift Clevis pins (pg 236, item 19)
3. Misc clips for gov control rod, wiring, etc.
4. Headlights (I have 2 mismatched ones, and will find out if either is correct.)
5. Tailight (if serial # 250323 should have one)
6. Brake pedal guard (mine was rusted out)
7. Wheel rims (front and back be determined)
8. Touch Control stops
9. Oil and Air cleaner caps (mine are squashed a bit)
10. Tie Rod Ball seats (3 pieces) (pg. 178, items 27, 28, 29)
11. RH Final drive housing (mine has been repaired, but I am a bit suspicious of the quality)
12. Seat assembly (mine has an aftermarket thingy!!)

I apologize for the length of this, but figured if I get a response on any of this, it will save much research time, and maybe a few pennies! Thanks in advance,

Dale Finch (one of three crazy sisters playing with "new" toys...but I get to twist the wrenches!)

Jim Becker
Team Cub
Team Cub
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Re: Questions and Parts search for Super A

Postby Jim Becker » Thu Sep 30, 2010 10:48 pm

The replies you got on the Farmall mailing list pretty well covered it.

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