1941 Farmall A: Engine Surging or Hunting

Sun May 06, 2012 1:59 pm


I have this 1941 Farmall A. Been nothing but problems sorting out since our Pastor got the tractor last late summer. Would just cut out and die, and would not restart. Has had new: Points, Condenser, Rotor, Cap, Spark Wires, Coil, new Coil Tested, spark plugs, regulator, generator rebuilt, gas replaced, another new set of points and condenser. And now I have replaced the 6V battery as it would not hold a charge.

Things slowly have gotten better. But lastly it would not stay running when it warmed up under load. So I got a carb rebuild kit, cleaned the carb, soaked it for 3 days in the can of carb cleaner, and did the rebuild. Installing the rebuilt carb; in "testing" the tractor under load, when it warmed up it would begin to die and if I choked it, it would continue to run. So I decided to purchase a new carb...

There was always a governor surging or hunting problem; so I installed the new carb, ran without adjusting the linkage and the surging started under load quickly and now it's so bad with the new good carb, I cannot keep the tractor running with the tractor under load (pulling a 2 section harrow in wet ground). So I adjusted the linkage to the carb and made sure it's not binding on the block also, but same surging or hunting problem just sitting there running. If I grab the linkage from governor to carb, it stabilizes and runs fine. I can run the engine with my hand on the linkage to stabilize it, as it then runs fine, wide open, half, or at idle. This surging or hunting happens under low, medium, or full throttle, and eventually stalls the tractor under load if left unchecked by clutch or hand. I can unhook the "load" (harrow) and drive the tractor into the shop OK.

Link: http://youtu.be/63xse-V7AOU

Since I'm at wits end, any intelligent suggestions and help as to what to do next is appreciated to solve what I think is the last problem in this tractors complex issues...

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Re: 1941 Farmall A: Engine Surging or Hunting

Sun May 06, 2012 2:30 pm

I had the same problem on my SA, and it was a combination of things. The carb was missing the Idle Air Jet(Pretty sure that what it was called). Once that problem got ironed out I adjusted the governor with engine running to the smoothest spot and that is by far my best starting and running tractor.