Re: Fuel starvation?

Wed Feb 19, 2014 5:45 pm

havoc1482 wrote:I took the carb apart and did a busch league cleaning. Blew some air into it, and scraped out some gunk. I took the tractor out of the garage the next day and got it down my driveway and then on my way back up it started to sputter and lose power and then quit. I'd wait 10 seconds or so and it would fire back up and I'd get it another 20 feet and I'd had to repeat the process until I got into the garage.

Is it definitely safe to say I have a fuel issue? haha

I'll plan on doing 'the works' with the carb next time around. Take it apart, get a rebuild kit, soak it, ect... the whole nine yards.

The same car guy I mentioned earlier (Mark is his name) is refurbishing the hood for a 42 John Deere LA for another buddy of his. He told me that the guy that owns the LA just rebuilt a Zenith carb for a Farmall. And since he owes Mark for doing his LAs hood, Mark will get in touch with this other guy to take a look at my carb.

Boy, it sure helps to know people. :lol:

If you scrapped out gunk, it's probably in the jet restricting fuel flow. Once that carb get's rebuilt, you'll probably be fine.