IH Service Manual Question

Mon Aug 04, 2014 4:51 pm

I might have asked this in the past, but I'm ready to get this done because we are rebuilding a C-113 and I'm tired of trying to look things up to double check stuff.
Since we are always working on these offset Farmall Tractors (Super A, 100, 130, and 140), I am wanting to obtain a copy of the ORIGINAL IH Factory Service Manuals for them. One for the Super A tractor, and one for the Farmall 100, 130, and 140 tractors (since there are 2 different engines). I have searched eBay and looked on Binder Books website and have found different things. I really want an original book but could settle for a reprint if it were high quality like Binder Books has.

Binder Books lists the GSS-5031 for the Super A tractor with C-113 engine, then it lists the GSS-1295J for the Farmall 100 through 140 with the C-123 engine. My problem is that these are labeled as 2 different manuals. The GSS-5031 is "Engine & Chassis Service", 68 pages. The GSS-1295J is called "Engine & Fuel System Service", 106 pages.

Those are the only 2 "main" service manuals they list other than the specialized ones like the Touch Control Manual.

What manuals were produced and which ones do I need to have a COMPLETE "LIBRARY" SET ? I would like to own the most complete "set" that could be put together