farmall 140 charging issues

Wed Feb 15, 2012 12:50 pm

howdy iv been having a little trouble whit my 1964 farmall 140 charging system its a 12 negative ground system whit a deco generator when it running idle full RPM the amp meter dose not move at all an i have to keep it on a charger most of the time
and the push starter switch is not working right sometimes in engages the starter then i cut it off an try it again an noting
an i think i know why its not charging back in the middle of last summer me and my dad had a feller put a new clutch an presser plate in an instead of unhooking the wires front the generator the guy cut all three wires two got to the generator other to the light then back to the voltage regulator back to the dash to the switch amp gauge an light switch an it only fires up whit the starter when the battery in fully charged an for the most part the wiring an bit of a mess taped cut re hooked back together

an all i really wont to do is in the near future is re restore it re wire repaint in IH 2150 red not this orange looking tractor supply red put some tires on the back an many other things.

an for the most part i wont to get it working right again tired of hand cranking it HAHa

heres some video of it

the first video of it in 2007 a couple months after my dad brought the ole thing home ... ideo_title ... ideo_title

a little clip from the last fall plow day.....lets just say im the ant and that the anteater LOL

some more video of me and my dad plowing whit it at the fall plow day