Re: A22 Mower

Sun Aug 18, 2013 6:04 pm

Mine needs "convincing" to go together. What I did was bolt the angle iron piece to the final drive, then put the belt on the pulleys to support the mower. Then I used a big pry bar to bring the bracket and the angle iron into proper alignment. (Hopefully that makes sense) Also I leave the bolts on the front where it mounts to the bellhousing loose until there is a bolt through everything.


Re: A22 Mower

Sat Apr 02, 2016 7:43 pm

Hello All,
My first post on this forum.
I just brought home a Farmall 100 today. I bought an A-22 mower (separately) for it and am trying to see what's missing, what needs adjustment, etc. I have been mowing with a team and a #9 High Gear for several years and am ready to try a tractor. My experience w the #9 gives me some good experience setting up the cutterbar but the drive and lifting parts are new to me.
One part I am missing is the flywheel guard and was very impressed by Don's photos and description. I am also missing the angle iron that mounts to the wheel housing(BRACKET, belt drive adjusting; 455995R1) that the belt drive adjusting plate mounts to. Anyone have dimensions so I could fab one?
Also missing the belt shield which seems fab-able if I had dimensions.
Also missing both 457324R1 and 457323R1, the rockshaft arm EXTENSION and BRACKET. The Extension seems simple enough to make if I had dimensions and although the bracket is more complex I might try it given what I have seen for used prices.
Thanks for any help and thanks to all for this forum.