Difference between a Super A and a Super C

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Difference between a Super A and a Super C

Postby Mosherd1 » Wed Oct 12, 2016 8:44 pm

This is my first post, and already the information I have found has been quite helpful. I am trying to determine the practical difference between a Super C and Super A.

I am looking at two tractors and cannot decide on which to choose from. One is a Super C with a snow plow. It is listed for $1,950, good rubber, rear hydro lift bar. The plow is mounted to the center of the tractor. Converted to 12V.

The A is listed for $2,150 but after talking to the guy today i should be able to get it for $2,000. It comes with a snow plow mounted to the rear of the tractor, I hear it is stronger in case you hut a icy snow bank will have less of a chance to break. It comes with snow chains, a trailer to haul wood, and had its engine rebuilt about 5 years ago. Good tires as well. Converted to 12V.

I would like it for snow removal, plowing or wheel harrowing 8 acres, dragging brush and logs as I clear some land. This land has not been plowed in probably 15 years and is starting to get overgrown. I know the engines are the same for each, but am wondering if the A would be big enough for what I am trying to do without struggling. Then if the engines are the same would it matter? So I am a bit confused. I would also use it to haul water to pigs. I would end up painting both with new decals. So any advice or your thoughts would be great. Thanks for your help!

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Re: Difference between a Super A and a Super C

Postby havoc1482 » Sat Oct 15, 2016 10:37 am

For starters. The engines are not the same. The Super C has the C123 and the Super A has the C113. The Super C has a larger motor.

That being said, a read mounted blade? Interesting. I have a Super A for snow removal and its great. I have the 1A-60 blade.

The Super A can handle all of that. I do similar tasks with mine. I haul a trailer, I've yarded our boat around with it. I've dragged trees. I have also plowed and wheel harrowed with it.

Essentially they will both be able to do what you want given they have the right implements. If space isn't an issue I don't see why getting the Super C would be a problem. Its a taller and wider tractor, but has a slight edge over the Super C in power.


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Re: Difference between a Super A and a Super C

Postby Super A » Sun Oct 16, 2016 8:50 am

Depending on what's been done to it the Super A might be about the same HP as the Super C. (It is a Super A right? If no hydraulics it's a plain A and in that case I would go for the Super C) You can't visually tell the difference between a 123 and a 113 unless you look at the serial numbers but many times Super As got 3 1/8" pistons when they were overhauled. The Super C even though taller and wider is very nimble for its size. Super A will be more compact.
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Re: Difference between a Super A and a Super C

Postby bookman51 » Wed Dec 26, 2018 3:40 pm

I think the Super A with the 123 engine (later model Super As had them) will sit a bit taller and a bit taller radiator. As far as choice of tractors, I have both a couple Super Cs and a couple of As (not Super). I do not think that blade mounted in the center of the tractor will be a good snow blade. It is great for leveling an area but now a great snow plow. I have a belly blade on one of my As. The Super C should pull more, but as already mentioned, the Super A is more nimble and compact. Neither tractors are going to be super powerful tractors, and you will have to work within their limits (true of any tractor). Having said that, I think the Super C is more of a tractor for pushing snow (if blade is on front) and pulling things (bigger tires and more weight). Super A probably easier to steer but that front blade will change that. Super a probably a shade easier to haul. I like the drum brakes on Super C better. If you are a novice tractor user, I might give the edge to the Super A. Its limits are bit more obvious and you might not push it as much and get into trouble. Close call though.

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Re: Difference between a Super A and a Super C

Postby Eugene » Wed Dec 26, 2018 4:42 pm

Get on the Tractordata.com web site. You can then compare the specifications of the two tractors.

Just my opinion, I would select the larger, heavier tractor with more horse power on the drawbar and PTO.
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Re: Difference between a Super A and a Super C

Postby ajhbike » Thu Dec 27, 2018 2:24 am

Super C sits way taller and you sit, not lounge... and is more versatile if the FH had 3 point adaptors. Definitely want the snow plow on the front but to find the plow rig for sale is not common. Not hard to make and adapt though. I like the disc brakes. I cut 6 foot weeds and saplings with my 5 ft brush hog and she rarely bogs down, but would prefer wide front if I had a choice for brush hogging

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