Mechanic Failure

Sat Jul 15, 2006 8:57 am

Years ago when I was in the Army. We use to have this magazine, like a comic book called PM ?. I think it stood for preventive maintenance? Well anyway. It was a little neat book. We use to have another one call "Flight Facts "where I use to get myself in at times like.,this one.
CrewChief left pilots door open on UH-1, While CH-47 hovered next to it. Result: Door blowing off.Action: Keep door closed.
This one is my favorite: Crew member working on main rotor of UH-1 steps through greenhouse of upper canopy. In other words breaking plexiglass.Action: Watch where you step knucklehead.
So now I have some new tractor ones:"IH Facts"
Mechanic working on temperture guage of 350 utility, routes gauge under gas tank. Works fine standing still on run up. Goes for a ride in all gears comes back. Temperture guage inop.Result : Sending unit chafed on bottom of tank. Inproper routing of wire.Action: I knew it did not look right?Don't be half---
Mechanic finding a fuel guage for 350 utility on E-bay for $50 beat up.Restores it back to it's original splender. Walking to tractor to install this masterpiece.Result: Drops guage breaking glass.Action:Use two hands
Anybody have some IH Facts to share? Comon I know you have some!

Sat Jul 15, 2006 2:51 pm

Sounds like you are a qualified candidate for membership in the "You Know You Are A Geezer When" club.