Re: 460 D at home with pics

Tue Sep 23, 2008 7:15 am

David Bennett wrote:Mike, you got it right bigger plow = more land = more corn = more hogs = more corn where will it stop? :D
BD the T/A looks as though it is going to need some work :(

Well David, I can tell you where it ends. It ends at the point where it no longer is fun. It end when you have so much that you are working for the farm(ie: more animals = more feed corn = more equipment = more breakdowns = more $$$)
It ends when you want to have a cubfest or go to a cubfest, but yup your farming. You really know that it needs to end when you don't even want to look at a tractor let alone climb up on it.

I will add more later, I got to go spend another 8 hrs on the darn tractor