throttle not working after dash tear down

Tue Sep 23, 2008 7:45 pm

I finaly have my 1960 240 Utility tractor running. I had to replace the battery, wires, alt, and starter. With all of this I went over to 12V. I have run into problem. To get the dash apart I had to remove the handle off throttle. Now that I have it back together I can not get it to work right. I am not sure what I have wrong.

Now the idle is very low and when I try to accelerate the throttle wants to go right back to where it was. It will not hold where I put it. I am thinking I have something hooked up wrong but I am not sure what. I can not find it in my shop manual.

Can anyone help me in how I should have my throttle assembled at the dash. I had the spring removed and the dash. The spring does not seem to be right I am thinking.

Thanks for your help

Re: throttle not working after dash tear down

Wed Sep 24, 2008 6:28 am

Did you reinstall the cork ring that goes under the throttle handle? That is a friction ring that works against the spring, and holds the handle in the position you set it. Also, make sure the cork is not worn out, or glazed, and that the nut holding the throttle onto the shaft is sufficiently snug, making sure there is enough friction I had to replace the cork ring on my 340U.

Assuming that part is correct, are you sure the crescent shaped link that connects to the return spring is in the right position?