Re: Found an old picture

Mon Apr 13, 2009 9:21 am

I had a similar set up in about 1969, only it was a tricycle that pulled a little red wagon. I left it in the front yard and the neighbors over grown teenagers rode it around and messed up the wheels because they were so heavy. I don't even think they said "sorry"

I also had a red 65 mustang petal car. Wow! I wish I had that today. It was in good shape until my uncle moved from the farm in 78', I think it must have been left behind. They left a small fortune in junk cars. I remember playing in a bunch of those old cars growing up. There was a 49 chevy, a 53 ford(silver anniversary), 50 lincoln, there were several I'm not sure what they were. I was 14 when they moved to town. A buddy of mine used his dad's old truck and we towed a 59 chevy truck and a 50 studebaker pickup home, but the rest had frozen axles and we couldn't get the wheels to turn. I remember lying in bed crying because mo one would help me try to get those cars home. My uncle sold them for junk. 12.50 a piece. Yes, I said 12 dollars. Very sad. My friend still has that 59 pickup. I gave it to him a few years later after I got married and moved away.