Farmall 350

Mon Apr 13, 2009 8:23 pm

I got a phone call today from a gal who was trying to find information for her brother on how to remove the tranny cover on a Farmall 350. :shock: :? :big say what:

Well, they have been running into the old, "we sell parts but can't help you otherwise" thingy,, so they contacted me. I don't know much about non-Cub tractors so I was very little help, I was able to find the 350 on Messicks but that proved to be pretty useless as well. Now the thing is, he doesn't have the net.. so he depends on his sister to help him find info.

So, if any of you can explain really simple like, how to remove the tranny cover.. apparently it is about 22 x 30 inches or so and is pretty heavy... , it would be appreciated as she may be looking here for answers..

Thanks all :!: :D

Re: Farmall 350

Mon Apr 13, 2009 10:09 pm

Bo direct info on 350, but assuming it is like H, there are dowel pins that are pretty tight. I think I remember a discussion on another site about there being a couple bolts under some fittings or hydraulic connections near rear that are frequently concealed by a mix of oil and dirt.

Re: Farmall 350

Mon Apr 13, 2009 10:21 pm


He did say that he got those bolts out.. but cannot find what is keeping it together. Would the dowel pins be the sitcking point? If so, do you remember what the others might have done to get by the pins?

Re: Farmall 350

Tue Apr 14, 2009 9:38 am

Rudi!---Is this a utility 350 or is it the row crop model? ---they would differ a little.-----As to getting a cover off the locating pins, its quite a job and you need several really thin chisels to drive under the casting EVENLY to lift it.----Now some of these castings have a threaded hole next to the locating pins to actually act as a press to help lift the casting off.
I may have some coverage on the 350 in one of my many service books. thanks; sonny

Re: Farmall 350

Tue Apr 14, 2009 9:42 am

yup, they will be the sticking points. A very thin pry bar tapped into the joint and working around it is what we used on the H. Only try to work it off a little at a time and keep going around it. I do not remember how many dowels, but I believe there are 2 or 3 located around it in different places. That top is very heavy, It forms part of the structural strength of the transmission, a rope block is a good idea for lifting.

One note, it has been 45 or 50 years since I helped pull the top of an H transmission, so I will not guaranty the accuracy of my memory.

Re: Farmall 350

Wed Apr 15, 2009 10:12 pm

John, Sonny:

Thanks, I hope his sister is reading the threads... It is not the 350U, it is a Farmall 350 so it has to be the tricycle row-crop model. I figured it would be something like that... but not knowing the number series at all, there was no way for me to know that for sure.

Sonny, if you can post something about removing that cover from your service manual, I imagine it will help Dana get the information to her brother Dean...

Again, the best forum on the planet to the rescue :!: :wink: :big smile:

Re: Farmall 350

Thu Apr 16, 2009 12:00 pm

This is for a 340, but should be similar.
remove seat and bracket, hydraulic control valves cover and battery---next unbolt top cover and lift from tractor.-----also a lift will be needed as John has said!---this thing is extreeemly heavy and hard to handle!

On the M series, remove the belt pulley, (if equipped), disconnect the steering post and fuel tank rear support and block up high enough to clear cover.
Remove seat assembly. Remove cover to rear frame cap screws and lift cover and shifter mechanism as a unit.

The picture in this manual shows 1 locating pin in the front right side toward the front (between first and second bolt), and another on right toward rear, (between second and third bolt from rear)---on left side straight across is the third pin.(left and right are standing behind the tractor looking forward).

I agree with John, in the fact that these pins can be VERY TIGHT and hard to break loose, so drive 3 very thin pry bars under the cover in these areas and see if it will help!---also look for a threaded hole near each pin in the cover to screw in a bolt to help press the cover apart!----I cant remember if farmall used that setup or not but some tractors did.

Hope some of this info will help----It is kind of a general idea of how the thing is fastened down, so check for the pin location and "press bolt " holes and go from there! thanks; sonny