Re: IH running gear with dump

Thu Jun 03, 2010 7:19 am

Sounds like a great deal Jason :{_}:

If you just want to cut small amounts of wood for projects you might want to look into a chainsaw mill. For more on mills and chainsaw mills you can look here ... 0c1c8&f=62
Around or farm we can have our wood cut at a sawmill for $ .20 a board foot or $200 a 1000. The nice thing about having you own is for cutting custom wood. I want to build a few small 12'x16' log cabins around the farm for friends to come up and stay in. I am going to use smaller trees and cut two flats on the log with the mill. And build them out of that.

Joe that is too cool :{_}: I wish you had a camera :D

I backed up a loaded hay wagon with the front hitch on a 8n ford tractor. It was a lot easier but if you tried to turn too sharp the front of the tractor would slide to the side. What works the best for me in the rare occasions I have to back it up is pull it from the back with a chain and have someone else steer it.