Case 580 ck

Sat Sep 25, 2010 12:16 am

Its home!
The hitch I made to pull it with behind the big truck.
parked in my driveway for a rest.

Got it home yesterday after about 9 hours of struggling with it!---brakes were stuck,--both loader and hoe had to be jacked up and tied off with chains and binders so nothing would drag on the road!

If you want real tractor braked to work on,---go buy a case!---they are the WORST to get into to get the disk pack out of them.---cant get a wrench on the bolts to turn them without taking half the tractor apart! thanks; sonny

Re: Case 580 ck

Sat Sep 25, 2010 7:08 am

You done bought yourself a job! :)

Re: Case 580 ck

Wed Jan 23, 2013 8:47 pm

Sonny I know this is a old post. I have a CAse 530 that is very similar. I did the breaks and was cursing the whole time. I ended up with a cutting torch to free up space to get a wrench on and the blots out. I hope that I never need to get back in there again. Worked great all summer and now it will not start. I have never messed with a diesel but will have to do some reading before the spring.

Re: Case 580 ck

Sat Jan 26, 2013 12:50 pm

Wally!--- My 580 died in the middle of the shed and I been trying to get into the injection pump for 2 years now and am almost there! (ya--I work slow! LOL!)----Something in these pumps goes wacky and in my case I think its the governor, which is inside the pump housing requiring the pump to be removed from the engine!(mine wouldnt even fire on starting fluid, which is odd when it always started before on it) ---I was thinking about using the pump from the tractor in the pic. above and see if that will work!---The diesel 188 engine is not really too hard to work on,--- BUT danged loader is in the way ALL the time when you gotta work on the engines,--tractor is dead so you cant raise the bucket up out of the way--even if you could you would still have the sub-frame in your way!
These are good dependable tractors and run forever, BUT a little hard to get at some of the parts when needed to be!--Both of my 580's are diesel 188 motors and both are 1968 on the year, so yours is right along that design too!
I even put on an electric transfer pump thinking that the internal pump went out, but still no go so big pump gotta come off from what I can tell from reading the trouble shooting guide!
Good luck!---thanks; sonny

OK,---Now I do have the FACTORY ISSUED service /operators, manuals for 580's, so if you need help/ideas/etc, let me know as I will be working some more on mine and we might be able to exchange some ideas as work progresses as to what we find!