Crankshaft is out!

Tue Oct 27, 2009 7:13 pm

Had a few minutes to kill this evening, so I thought I would keep y'all posted on the progress of the H engine block I've been piddling with. After getting the stuck head off, I found 4 stuck pistons and a crankshaft I couldn't quite get loose from the connecting rods. After reading several suggestions posted on the board and listening to a little advice from friends at work, I went to the shop Sunday afternoon and tackled it again. I removed the caps and bearings from pistons 2 and 3, leaving the mains and pistons 1 and 4 (couldn't get them off because of the awkward position of the crank). By loosening the two pistons, the idea was to relieve the pressure on the crankshaft trying to turn with 4 stuck pistons. I then flipped the block on the engine stand, squirted more PB Blaster in each cylinder bore and then went to the table saw. Someone on the board mentioned using a 4x4 block that was trimmed to fit the bore, which I thought was a good idea. Made a block to fit, then went at the pistons with a BFH. After a few licks in each bore, I noticed the sleeves starting to come out. I knocked the sleeves/pistons back down and squirted some more oil. A few more licks and the number 1 and 4 pistons began to move. More oil, a few more licks. The bottom line.......all four pistons and sleeves are out of the block and the crankshaft is free. Couldn't get the crankshaft out because two bolts beneath the camshaft gear have rounded heads and I couldn't get them off. Sounds like I need the bolt outs after all.

Restoring old farm machinery is a good lesson in learning patience. These old tractors want to work at their own pace, not yours. :D

Re: Crankshaft is out!

Tue Oct 27, 2009 7:27 pm

Great News. :{_}:

My Dad told me once "I didn't get that way over night"

Re: Crankshaft is out!

Tue Oct 27, 2009 8:34 pm

Great news. A sleeve block is a lot more forgiving.