Re: Extra Hole in Air Cleaner Cup

Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:04 am

I hope you didn't take my answer as a "read the manual" type answer, I didn't intend it that way at all. There are several things I have read in the H and Cub manuals that don't fully sink in till I'm actually working on that particular part and read it again. Just like your question, I've read about the oil bath air cleaners a half dozen times and when I looked at it this time the light bulb went on! That's why I quoted the manual.

There's a couple more things in the "daily or every ten hours" catagory I'm going to pay a little more attention to. Rear axle bearings for one and as soon as I figure out/remember where the "Upper Bolster Pivot Shaft" :? zerk is located (somewhere up around the nose cone), it's going to get "two or three strokes of lubricant". :wink:

Re: Extra Hole in Air Cleaner Cup

Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:48 am

slightly off topic, but when I refurbished my 48 cub about 3 years ago I discovered when I removed the oil cup it was empty. I am forgetful, but could not believe I had failed to refill it after the spring check up and run it that way all summer. When I cleaned the cup up in preparation for paint, I realized it had small holes in it and having been parked on the gravel under the lean to all summer while I was building and installing shelves in the shed, it had slowly leaked out without being noticed.