clutch problems

Sat Oct 25, 2003 11:10 pm

Ok my cadet had set up for a long time to start with. I have it running but the clutch won't relese :roll: . Any ideas how I can get it freed up?

Sun Oct 26, 2003 8:30 am

Maybe possible a clutch disc is “stuck” on the drive shaft.

Your have to gain access to the throw -out bearing area and depress the clutch and see what your problem is. A fix maybe is a little penetrating oil on the drive shaft, emery cloth the drive shaft surface or maybe a tap on the clutch disc with a soft object.

This is a link that John *.?-!.* cub owner posted on a clutch asm.
Hope this helps. If it doesn’t they’re many people that read this forum that will figure out your problem.

Jack Fowler

Sun Oct 26, 2003 8:53 am

The clutch disk may be stuck to the pressure plate from setting a long time. This is not too uncommon. Sometimes they will break loose from running them. You might have to dis-assemble it to break it loose.

Sun Oct 26, 2003 9:05 am

I soaked the shaft with penetrating oil lastnight and will go work on it some in a little. Thanks for the link if I have to take it apart I will probly upgrade to the alum clutch disc while I have it down.

Sun Oct 26, 2003 3:30 pm

The clutch on my 73 stuck this summer. It hadn't been all that long since I had run it, but it was stuck pretty tight. To get it loose, I finally had to unbolt the engine and slide it forward to get a little working space. After I got it pried loose, everything cleaned up OK. Since the fiber disk wasn't torn or otherwise obviously damaged, I just put it back in. It seems to be fine.

Now I try to more careful to leave it with the brakes locked (which holds the clutch disengaged).