Cub Cadet 1330 snow blade

Tue Feb 03, 2004 11:32 am

I'm looking for a snow blade for my Cub Cadet 1330. I think the blade model is a 424. Also, my last mowing of last year, when I kicked the PTO switch on, it was slow engaging and then the belts were thrown. Is the clutch shot? Any help with these questions would be appreciated. Thanks.

Tue Feb 03, 2004 11:52 am

You might want to clip a hot lead to the clutch terminal with the tractor not running and see if the clutch snaps in or is sluggish. Then try to turn the clutch with it engaged to see if there is any play or any indication that the clutch has not fully engaged. It might be all gunked up from oil & dirt. If your luck runs like mine, you'll have to replace it.

Tue Feb 03, 2004 12:57 pm

Never had a cub cadet, but have had a couple lawn tractors with electric ptos. Check the blade and idler bearings. Also some of the later ones have 2 relays that work in conjuction with the pto, seat switch, etc., and if one of them is bad, it can give you fits.

Mon Feb 16, 2004 10:09 am

Thanks guys, I will try what was suggested for the PTO. Looks as if nobody knows anything about a snow blade for my model of Cub. Not sure, but may just trade for a model that I can easily get a snow blade for. Thanks again.

Fri Feb 20, 2004 10:04 am

Well, I crawled under my Cub last night to see if I could fix the PTO. Can anybody tell me how to adjust the 3 bolts with the springs for what I'm guessing is the clutch? Does it need to turn freely or have a little resistance? If I adjust it to turn freely then it turns all the time. If I adjust it to have a little resistance then the pulley only turns when the PTO switch is on. I need all the help I can get as I know nothing about Cub's. Thanks in advance.

Fri Feb 20, 2004 10:11 pm

I think the 1330 is a MTD Cadet. I don’t know if any equipment will fit from the IHC Cadet to the MTD Cadet. Hopefully someone will help.

John and Bigdog are correct about tight mower blade spindles (bearings) for belt problems and bad electric connections for clutch engagements giving you trouble.

I think the PTO clutch is this design, which is commonly used on most lawn equipment today. Hopefully this will help somewhat.

Jack Fowler

Sat Feb 21, 2004 5:00 pm

The 1330 is an MTD Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor.
Don't know much about the PTO's on them but do have an attachment guide.
Yes, the 424 blade is the correct one.
I can get a NOS still in the box if you want, email me.