Adapt a deck for a 105 ?

Sun Feb 29, 2004 9:22 pm

I have a C. Cadet model 105 that was given to me that I've rebuilt, (without a deck). I got a deck for it from another source,
(said it would fit). Problem is, it is apparently not the correct deck as I can't figure out how to mount or adapt it.
The C.C. is a model 105, the deck is a 44A (sn 032017U130649) Is there any way to adapt ? What deck will work on this tractor ? Where can I find the right deck ? Trade ?
Thanks, Roger B.

Fri Mar 05, 2004 11:24 pm


I did a 106 that I adapted an IH 44a to. I think a 105 and a 106 are the same. I’ll take pictures of the modifications and post them in the morning. Also I’ll get the S/N number off the mower.

I ended up putting trail mowers on my Cadets because; they were to slow cutting the grass with the belly mowers.

Jack Fowler

Sat Mar 06, 2004 9:16 am

Well, I guess I should have looked at what I had before I opened my mouth. I’ll go ahead and post it anyway and hopefully it will help you.

I purchased this tractor about 22 years ago with out a mower deck for my dad. When I inquired about a mower deck, if I remember the style I needed was not available anymore. So I purchased a used deck, (smaller one in the picture) that was supposedly going to bolt on. Mower S/N # I have is 032002014412 44c rotary cutter.

It’s been twenty plus years but, I still remember what my dad and I went through getting this thing to work.

The front pulley assembly had to be modified to align the belt. I remember doing this a number of times until it stopped “chewing” belts up. I also remember modifying the mower carriage at the front support as you see in the picture. At this time I just can’t remember why.

If you need any measurements or better pictures let me know and I’ll send them.

My dad used this tractor to cut about ½ acre of his front yard. When he sold his place I inherited the Cadet and used it for trimming around the trees in my yard. As time went on and my kids got older they started cutting all the grass. The tractor I was using (Ford N series) was too big for them to use safely, so they used the Cadet. I have five acres to cut and it took forever with the Cadet so, I found another Cadet and put another one of my kids on it. It still took along time to cut all the grass we had. It was going back to me cutting the grass so we could get it done at a reasonable amount of time.

My dad was at an action and they had a trailmower attached to an ATV for sale. He was talking to the owner and he said they also attach those types of mowers to garden tractors and he heard they work very well. To make a long story short the owner wouldn’t sell the mower separate but the person who bought the ATV didn’t have a way to haul it home so, my dad offered his help. When loading the ATV up the new owner made the comment he didn’t know what he was going to do with the mower, he didn’t have a use for it. My dad asked how much he wanted for it and he gave it to my dad for his help.

It easily attached on the back of the Cadet and the grass can be cut in third gear with no problems. I was so happy how the mower worked I found another but, a different style for $500.00. I had to modify it so it was a direct hitch to the tractor.

I remember my dad said I was crazy for paying that much money for what he called an over size lawn mower. At the time I didn’t have much choice with young boys and safety in mind for cutting the amount of grass I had to cut. I had two other grass cutter tractors in which I thought was not safe enough for 7- 9 year old kids to use which was a full size Cub and a Ford N series.

Now a few years later, my oldest is big enough to use the Ford, still uses the Cadet. My younger kids which are old enough to use the big Cubs still use the Cadets. They say the Cadets are faster and handle better. That’s fine with me for two reasons, (1) the grass is cut by someone else besides me and (2) my Cubs will be free to attend Cub shows.

Jack Fowler





Sun Mar 07, 2004 7:48 am

Jack, Thanks for the time and pictures. I'm sure they will help. I need to learn to turn down "free" stuff then I wouldn't be having these problems. I know there's a solution....just have to keep working on it. Both the deck and the C.Cadet are way to good to give up on. Besides I like to tinker.
Thanks, Roger