Front axle bushing, with any luck.......

Mon Jul 19, 2004 7:31 am

So this guy drops a '74 Cub Cadet 128, right? He wants valves, rings, an oil leak fixed and some touch-up prior to selling it. It runs well, a power wash revealed that thew oil leak, I think, is coming from the engine drain plug - BUT this guy should feel blessed that he didn't die on this thing. In top gear, the tractor rips right along, right? The steering was scary sloppy. I started poking and prying and noticed that the axle swivels left-to-right when you turn the wheel. I climb underneath (nice and sparkly after its 'bath') and see that somebody welded in a sleeve to hold the fron of the axle swivel pin (front of the tractor). At the back of the pin, though (near the engine pan) there's a BIG hole in the frame. Tell me, please, that there's supposed to be a bushing or something back there, and that the frame isn't just plumb worn out. This hole is like a 1/4" bigger all around than the pin.

Thanks in advance.

PS - he just wants to get rid of this tractor - after I gussy it up, his price will climb - but he's asking $600 with a mowing deck (42"?) and snow plow, rear wheel weights and tire chains. It ain't bad, but I edon't need another toy. It runs well, uses some oil (rings? drip?) and you don't dare go near anything whilst trucking along in high gear unless you want to swerve and hit it.......

Mon Jul 19, 2004 9:19 am

The frame is suppose to have a spud or bushing welded in front and rear of the cross member that the axle pivot pin fits in. The front bushing should have a hole for a spriol pin to drive in and through the pivot pin to lock the pin in place. The pivot pin should be a slip fit in the bushings and axle, and the cross member should fit the axle tight enough to prevent any fore and aft twisting or back and forth motion. Price sound high for my neck of the woods, considering the condition.