mechanical PTO

Thu Aug 26, 2004 10:35 am

whats the procedure for removing a pto from the crankshaft to obtain acess to the PTOpulley that runs the belt for the starter/gen...think mine is bent & it keeps throwing the manual shows to line up 3 slots & 3 holes & to remove 2 hex head keys from each hole...have tried that..cant seem to locate the hex head keys or im using the wrong allen their a certain spot to line up everything or are the keys easy to access?? i have sprayed & soaked the holes with PB blaster & made sure their open..any help would be appreciated......

PTO removal

Sat Aug 28, 2004 9:23 pm

What tractor do you have? No, you are doing it right. I used a long Allen wrench to get down in there and you do need to remove two set screws from each hole. Sorry, I do not remember the size. The first one out will be blunt on the end, and the second or bottom set screw will be pointed. The PTO will not come off if you don't get all the set screws out. Once out though, the PTO comes of by hand. All the PTO parts are still available at your CC dealer. I rebuilt mine when I got my 127. Make sure you have everything adjusted right when you put it all back together. Get the manual if you don't have one.


Sat Aug 28, 2004 10:05 pm

They are 1/8" set screws, and you will probably have to use the long end of an allen wrench to reach them. After they are out, it may take some effort to get the PTO clutch off the bearing. You can use a long brass drift/punch on the back side drive it off or use a bearing puller. The bearing has an eccentric collar that holds it on to the crankshaft. Take the set screw out and use a punch and hammer to tap the collar around the shaft to loosen it. If it was installed correctly it should turn to the left (clockwise) to remove it. If that doesn't do it try it the other way.

One other thing, use a good allen wrench that is not worn or rounded off.

finally apart

Mon Aug 30, 2004 10:39 am

whew...finally got the PTO off...whoever had this 147 hydro before really booger'd it up...the holes for the set screws was broken out..2 of someone had tried to pry it off & the belt pulley for the starter was welded on crooked...had trouble getting the bearing off...had to burn it into carefully so as not to harm the crankshaft...dunno if its the right bearing or not ...does the bearing fit inside the PTO completly or does it just ride their??...looks like it would fit into the PTO but the bearing housing is to big...Thanks for your help