Ran my 1200 cadet today

Wed Jun 23, 2010 8:45 pm

I finally ran my 1200 cub cadet today and what a sweet machine it is. After running my 70, 100, 104, 122 and my 108 today what a big improvement IH made in the 1200. I like the older ones but the 1200 is my favorite now. Its the quietline and the smoothness, no vibration. And the 44" mower has to be one of the best they ever made at that time. Now i'm thinking how much better are the red cub cadets?? Plus the 1250, 1450 and the 1650 too?

I still like the narrow frames because there so simple to work on.

I'm thinking of installing a 14hp kolher and a creeper tranny in my 1200. Then i can till or blow snow with it too. They offer the 148 decal for it too.(puller decal)